The Area Beyond

Set amidst the beautiful and unique Somerset Moors, renowned for its wetlands and wildlife, Godney (God's Isle) stands along the banks of the River Sheppey, a picturesque and secluded spot, yet within easy reach of nearby Glastonbury, famed for its Tor and Arthurian legend, and Wells, the smallest of England's cities and site of the magnificent Wells Cathedral and Vicar's Close, the oldest continuously inhabited street in Europe.

The immediate area beyond White Hart Barn is the largest area of lowland wet grassland and grazing marsh remaining in England. This is some of the lowest, flattest land in the country, once forming a great marshy sea. The area is of particular note for its conservation of the rich, varied mosaic of wet grasslands, reedbeds, mires and fen meadows, also boasting 8,000km of rivers and ditches. Birds, plants, insects and mammals are here in abundance and include wintering wildfowl and waders, birds of reedbed and flood meadow, plants and insects that thrive in ditches and, of course, ancient pasture.


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View across the levels   View from the fields   In the snow   In the snow
Somerset Levels 1   Somerset Levels 2   Somerset Levels 3   Winter Sunset from the garden